Captain Conway cant wait for Campaign to kick off

As we build up to the season starting in earnest tomorrow we caught up with Ants captain Anton Conway and spoke about the forthcoming season, and used our new Random Question Generator.


ANTS WEBSITE (AW) – Theres been a fair amount of upheaval, uncertainty and obviously the whole COVID issue for the past few months, Hows the mood in the squad as we finally approach the opening game of the season with the new management team in place?

Anton Conway (AC) – We have the first game on Saturday and the squad are finally looking forward to starting the season. Think everyone is fed up talking about COVID and will we/won’t we play, the boys just want to get going. we played on Friday night and their was lots of positive to take from it so think everyone is looking forward to starting.

AW – How has pre-season went?

AC – Pre season has been the longest ever, we started with the 5k challenges during lockdown. We then started training again in small groups and only been recently that we have been training together due to the restrictions. We have had a few games with results not the best but been lot of changes due to players coming in. We played Perthshire on Friday and all the boys done well with few really impressing. We still have a large squad which is good for competition. But with new management in the last few weeks the tempo has increased in training

AW – You are in your 7th season with the club, what is it about the Ants that has seen you ply your trade here so long?

AC – 7th season already? Why do I stay? Because nobody else will take me 😂😂😂 2 player of the year awards and still here 🙈
Seriously though, I enjoy it at the Ants and for me it’s the people that make you want to play for the club. It’s a really family club and will do anything they can to help. I missed almost all of last year with an ACL injury so I am looking forward to get back on the pitch

AW – This season there is no promotion or relegation and theres issues with no changing facilities or fans in at the moment, how has this affected you and the rest of the squad?

AC – The no promotion this season will help the club this season as will give the new management time to build a team and hopefully challenge next year.
Don’t think most players across the conferences will say they are happy with no changing rooms but small sacrifices are needed to help get football back. Hopefully this will be looked at and will be put back in place.

AW – An away tie to Irvine Vics to open the season in the Cup with the winners playing your home town club East Kilbride in the second round, how much of an incentive is a plum tie like that waiting in the next round?

AC – Irvine Vics will be tough fixture as they were a few devisions above us last year and they are at home which would make them favourites but the boys are more than confident about going down there and winning the game. Playing East Kilbride would be a great test for this new squad. East Kilbride have signed some really good players and the boys would look forward to testing themselves. Personally I know 3/4 of the players and in particular Chris Erskine who has just signed from Livingston so would be good to play against Chris and hopefully cause an upset

AW – There has been massive debate over clubs playing or not playing this season. Do you feel the club has made the right decision in continuing to play?

AC – Personally I think the club made the right decision as I think some of the clubs who have pulled out will struggle to attract boys back as players will move on or even take extra shifts in work. The boys at the ants are delighted to be playing and looking forward to the season ahead

Thats the serious stuff out the way, now its time for our Randomly generated questions –

AW – What’s getting worse and worse as you get older? What’s getting better and better as you get older?

AC – What’s getting worse? Well surely I can’t get any slower? But am sure some of the committee think I am 😂😂. What’s getting better? Not a clue that’s a question for the manager

AW – How many chickens would it take to kill an elephant?

AC – None, Can’t see any amount of chickens being able to kill an elephant!

AW – If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

AC – Super Speed, I’ve never been blessed with pace, so it would be nice to actually go fast

AW – Lastly, What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?

AC – Ridiculous fact? Not too sure if this counts but I know Graeme Crawford’s dog has more followers on social media than he does!

Big thanks to Anton for that insight into the mood in the camp ahead of the season kicking off, and for answering our random questions!

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  1. Well done Anton here’s to you and the lads hopefully have a great season under new management onwards and upwards mon the ants

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