The Future’s bright for NXT GEN of Ants Players

The development of the young players at the club has played a big part since we launched our Under 20’s squad as we joined the West of Scotland Football League, and as part of our commitment to the youngsters we are always looking at ways to help aid their development.

Naturally not all players in the pathway will make the step up to the first team for a myriad of reasons and we looked at ways we could provide other pathways, both with the club and away from the club and have explored a few new partnerships that will help us in providing those alternative pathways.

We are delighted to announce today the first of these partnerships which will see the club link up with NEXT GENERATION USA who are a Soccer Scholarship company who specialise in providing colleges in America with both male and female student athletes aged 16-20 from Scotland, who go and live in America whilst studying for a degree and playing in the ultra competitive college leagues Stateside.

This partnership will open the door for those players who are interested in a scholarship in America to discover if it is something viable for them and will see us work closely with NXT GEN USA in identifying and assisting players who are looking to move stateside.

There are a multitude of benefits for the club with this partnership and we look forward to working with John and the team at NXT GEN in the coming months and years as we look to offer our young players the pathway that is right for them.

NEXT GEN USA will host a series of soccer trials across the UK & Ireland for all potential Soccer Scholarship candidates to showcase their ability and have trials coming up on Tuesday 2nd May 2023 at New Douglas Park, Hamilton between 7-9pm. If you are interested, or know someone who may be, visit the trials section of the NXT GEN USA website to apply or for more information.

The future looks bright for the #YoungTeam

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