Rev’s Ramblings – The Small Things

How many of us allow  ourselves to get all worked up about things that , when we look closer, aren`t really that big an issue. We all tend to zoom in on little problems and concerns and let them explode out of all proportion.

An Every day example : someone might pull out in front of us in traffic.

In cold light of day, the best thing is to let it go but somehow we convince ourselves that our anger at their action is justified. We mull over it and run through an imaginary confrontation in our mind, perhaps even going on to tell others we meet that day about the incident rather than simply letting it go.

We should try to have some compassion for the person and remember how painful it is to be always in such a hurry. This way, we can maintain our own sense of well being and avoid taking other people`s problems personally.

There are of course many similar “small stuff “ issues that can occur in our every day lives:

Queuing, having to listen to unfair criticism, carrying a heavy workload while others get off lightly.

Try not to worry too much about small things, this drains our own life energy and camouflages the magic and beauty of life. Conserve our energy and allow it to help us be more kind and gentle to those around us

Rev. Brian

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