New Ants Captains appointed

Ants Manager John Kelly has made his first major decision as Ants manager by appointing his club and team captain’s for next season. Anton Conway has went from team captain to club captain and the big man is looking forward to leading the club in the forthcoming campaign. Speaking to the Ants website in his usual man of few words routine Anton said “I am gutted about how last season finished but looking forward to leading the club in my new role”,

Last season’s player of the year Chris “Mooch” McLaughlin has been chosen to be the team captain, and he can’t wait to get started. Mooch told the Ants website “It’s an honour to be given the captaincy this season, it’s a great club and full of great people behind the scenes, this is something I couldn’t pass up on, I have spoken to the gaffer and we have a good relationship and the same goals, now just can’t wait to get started.”

John Kelly added “Anton being promoted from team captain to club captain will give the club a huge boost on and off the park. Anton’s experience in the junior game will help the club go in the right direction for many years to come. I am pleased he accepted my offer. Mooch has great leadership skills and he is a winner and i hope that rubs off on the rest of the squad. He is very much in love with the club and that was a key decision on promoting him to team captain”.


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