John Kelly – Post Match interview

Normally the gaffers post match thoughts come through the medium of video however Ants TV didn’t get the chance to catch up with him after the match on Wednesday night on camera so we caught up with him on the phone later that night

ANTS TV – Sum up tonight’s match for us?

John Kelly – Tonight’s match was a typical end of season game where both teams really had nothing to play for, however I felt the level of our performance was not good enough. We set high standards in training and we try and take that into our games but tonight was well below par.

ANTS TV – Why do you think that was the case?

John Kelly – I think the game itself lacked any real quality if I’m honest, it was a very hard watch and was poor enough to make your eyes bleed. It was like both teams wanted to see who could kick the ball up the park the furthest and hope for the best at times which isn’t something we look for in our approach but again it’s been a long season and it did smack a lot of just wanting the season over, that meaningless game feel you get at the end of the season.

We had a decent backing tonight and I can only apologise to the guys who made the trip to Johnstone to support us

ANTS TV – One game left away to Newmains, whats the main aims in that one

John Kelly – We hope to go into that game and get a positive result, give some players who have been on the fringes extra game time,  but to be honest we are now looking at the summer and build on what we feel has been a positive first season for this squad.

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