Club Statement – WOSFL Announcement 13th October 2020

The club has today received notification from the West of Scotland Football League of its plans for starting season 2020/21 with no promotion or relegation from the Tier 7 Conferences. We understand that we are currently in unprecedented times but the uncertainty and lack of leadership around the league has had a detrimental affect for clubs of all sizes, none more-so than ourselves, who have lost a manager and half a squad due to this uncertainty.

However we feel that it is in the clubs best interests that in order to be ready for the challenges in Season 2021/22 it is important that we give our new management team the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a league setting where they can rebuild the squad, therefore we today are reaffirming our position that we will be playing in the West of Scotland Football league this coming season despite being hugely disappointed in the fact there is to be no promotion or relegation.

Hopefully this can prove to be a turning point for the clubs and the league itself, and we can put the numerous fiascos behind us and work together to make this fledgling league a success going forward.

Mon The Ants!

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