Club Statement – Ants Launch eSports team

The club are delighted to announce that they are launching an official Ants eSports team, becoming the first Scottish Junior club to make the step into the emerging e-sports market, and have recruited 20 year old American gamer Tanner Kremer as their first player, as well as appointing him their Head of eSports. Tanner will be in charge of recruiting a roster, as well as entering tournaments under the Saint Anthony’s FC banner.

Hang on, what is eSports?

Basically, is it organised, competitive computer gaming and can be staged in front of a live audience and millions more online.

Forecasters have predicted it will generate more than £1bn in global revenue and almost double its audience to nearly 600 million people by 2020.

“It has the potential to become one of the top five sports in the world,” said Peter Warman of esport analysts Newzoo. (Source BBC website 14th November 2018 –

Ants head of digital and social media, Martin McKenna explained the decision “We have been aware of the emergence of eSports over the past couple of years, A lot of clubs from all different sports are starting to embrace eSports and as a club who have always been forward thinking when it comes to Digital we decided it would be a great way for us to hopefully continue to grow.” speaking about Tanner, Martin continued “Tanner had originally approached us to do a Q&A on twitch which we did and really enjoyed, the seed was then planted, we continued dialogue with him and we both agreed it would be something we could really have a go at. With his experience in competitive gaming, Tanner is being given the green light to recruit his own team-mates and we can’t wait to see him play under the Ants banner”

Tanner himself is delighted, speaking to the Ants website last night he said ” To become the head of eSports and eSports player for such a recently well known club is amazing. It’s such an honor to put on the green and white colors and represent this club in my own way. I hope to be able to do well and this club into some well placed events within FIFA and bring on some other talent as well in the future. I am excited for the journey and hope to be here a while with the great people of the Saint Anthony’s Football Club. #ForzaAnts#ItsAnEsportsAntsThing

We asked Tanner to tell us a little bit more about himself “My name is Tanner Kremer, I am a 20 year old from the Bowling Green, Kentuck, USA. I do quality work at the Corvette factory here in town as a full time job. I actually only became a football fan the year of 2014 and I fell in love with FC Barcelona. I am a massive animal person and with that being said I have two cats that are just absolutely amazing little creatures. They both were adopted within the year and are not your typical cats. I’ve been within the eSports world since the year 2012 starting with Call of Duty: Black Ops II. I played Call of Duty eSports for 4 years up until 2016 and got my first FIFA game which was FIFA 15. I transitioned to FIFA eSports during the current FIFA 19 game. Played in my first tournament at a local USL club and placed top 4 of 32 teams. “

We are excited to see how Tanner gets on and will share his progress on the website as well as on our social media platforms, he also hosts a daily stream on twitch (

Welcome to the Ants Tanner, here’s to a successful partnership

#forzaants #itsanesportsantsthing

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