Chairmans Statement – Football v Homophobia

The SFA’s policy announcement this week to rid football of all traces of homophobia is surely correct and will require the proactive participation of all Clubs in the game .

To  this end I am delighted that St Anthonys FC are designating our forthcoming fixture v Ardeer Thistle on Saturday 15th February for Football v Homophobia which is in line with our Club’s Constitution forbidding racism, religious intolerance, homophobia and similar issues .

Homophobia is cruel and unnecessary and our game will be healthier when it is eradicated . That it can be done is exemplified by decades of unwavering support I as a gay man have received at St Anthonys FC as their Chairman for many years . I wish our venture every success in support of the SFA’s stance .

Fred Barrows, Chairman,

St Anthony’s FC

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