The picture shows a Saint Anthony's FC logo and a Sported logo with a handshake icon between them inidicating a new partnership

Ants sign up to Sported

The club are delighted to announce that we have become members of Sported, a UK wide charity promoting fairness and equity for young people through grassroots sport and physical activity. They deliver support and resources that will help us thrive as a club and we are looking forward to working with them to help us reach both our short and long term goals.

We will be looking to re-organise our club structure and put in place a plan that will hopefully help us continue to grow in a sustainable structured manner as well as access funding streams through Sported that will help us with our planned growth over the next few years.

It’s an exciting time for the club as we move into a new era and with Sported behind us the future looks increasingly brighter.

Ants Club Secretary Martin McKenna said “I’m excited to sign the club up to Sported membership. Their army of volunteers can help us get to where we want to be as an organisation and the Sported team have been really helpful since we made contact with them. I can’t wait to get started on a new chapter for the club and see where it takes us”

We Can’t wait to see how this partnership helps shape our future and look forward to working with the team at Sported and their amazing network of volunteers.

For more information on Sported, Visit their website at

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