Ants back #letfansin

Fans are the lifeblood of our clubs, whether, like us, you have a small attending fan base, or like Celtic or Rangers 50/600000 at games every week.

We understand that we are in a pandemic and that public health must come first, however when you can go to a pub or a cinema to watch a game of football socially distanced indoors yet can’t go to the actual game, socially distanced and outdoors, it seems a little bit strange to us. We have in place one way systems, sanitisation stations, can do test and protect registers for everyone coming to the game and can provide as much protection as these indoor settings can, then why can’t a limited number of fans attend?

We fully back the #letfansin campaign and have added our signatures to the petition put to the UK Parliament.

Please sign the petition here

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  1. Open the gates let us in ,,,
    We all want the ants to win
    Dont say no
    We want to go
    Open up you know the score
    Then you’ll hear the st anthonys roar

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