Ants announce partnership with Sparta Goalkeeping

The club are delighted to announce a partnership with Sparta Goalkeeping which will see the Ants keepers summoning the spirit of the 300 to defend the Ants goal this season by sporting Sparta gloves and joining Team Sparta.


Sparta Goalkeeping are an independent company, set up with the person inside the gloves as their priority. They don’t make promises that their apparel will turn you into the next Golden Glove winner and they know that you do this with burning desire to be the best and the hard work away from the spotlight that no-one sees. What they will do is supply comfortable, affordable gloves that will be an extension of you when you cross the white line and defend your penalty box with honour.
Chris Stygal of Sparta Goalkeeping explained why the Ants were the right fit for Sparta “We’re a massive fan of football at all levels but always want to support non-league & grassroots as best we can. Partnering with the club fulfils this ethos & we’re excited about the opportunity to support the GK Union at Saint Anthony’s FC from junior to senior level’. A massive welcome to #TeamSparta from all of us!’”
From the clubs point of view it was a great fit, We’ve seen the work Sparta do with goalkeeper education on their site and with their youtube videos and social, along with the eye catching designs and bold colours, It’s a small independent company so just like the Ants there’s that feeling of familiarity and prices that don’t make the eyes water, so just like ourselves great value for money.
Visit Sparta Goalkeeping to see their range of gloves and other apparel, with a senior and junior range of gloves.
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