Ants Stand Fundraiser

Weʼre raising £3,000 to Help fund a spectator stand at McKenna Park

McKenna Park is a beautiful place when the sun is shining, it’s open-ness is a sun trap and makes for a great place to watch the football, however, this being Scotland, Sunny days are few and far between.

On the days where the sunshine falters and the rain is coming down, the open-ness that provides the sun trap, also makes for an unpleasant watching experience as the water soaks through to your skin.

We want to build a spectator cover so that McKenna Park is a venue to watch the football regardless of the weather, without people getting soaked. We have tried numerous ways of getting a stand built, but with the club existing on a month to month basis, the funds just haven’t been available to us, We have looked at grants etc and the only real way you can get them is by having money to meet some of the costs yourself, and the plan is that with your help, our own cash and then meeting the requirements, a grant in place we can build a spectator enclosure to keep the weather at bay when it’s not ideal.

We host charity matches, matches to remember loved ones who have passed and kids football as well as our own matches, , which we want to extend an invite to people in the nearby Queen Elizabeth University Hospital to come along and watch if they are fit enough for free and we want people to enjoy watching these games and feel an enclosure is the best way to protect people when the weather is bad.

Any donation is massively appreciated and will go directly to the stand fund, and we have decided on the following tier packages for donations

Tier 1 – Any donation will see you receive an Ants fridge magnet or Bumper Sticker

Tier 2 – A £10+ donation entitles you to free Entry for you and a friend to 2 Ants Home league Matches as well as Tier 1 benefits

Tier 3 – a £20+ Donation entitles you to an International Membership Card, a Quarterly Members only Interactive PDF as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 benefits

Tier 4 – a £30+ Donation entitles you to an Ants season ticket, as well as Tier 1, tier 2 (Bring 2 friends for free to 2 matches as you will have a season ticket) and Tier 3 benefits

Tier 5 – a £100+ donation entitles you to free hospitality at every Ants home league match as well as Tier 1,2,3 and 4 benefits

Tier 6 – a £200+ donation entitles you to an Advertising Banner at McKenna Park and a mention on the sponsors page of our website, as well as tier 1,2,3,4 and 5 benefits

To make a donation please visit where you can make your donation.

Thanks in advance for your support